Private Pilot License

Flight School in Scottsdale

When you invest into a pilot license you are not only investing into something that will last a lifetime (your license never expires), but it’s also an amazing personal achievement that many will never experience in their lifetime. A pilot license is the same price as that boat you might want, that used car you’ve had your eye on, or the motorcycle that you are interested in buying.

Alongside flight training, we provide 1 on 1 ground instruction which supplies a foundation for your future as a pilot and supplements the online ground school of your choice. Our training program is incredibly extensive; we cover all FAA required items with a focus on safety, stick and rudder skills and situational awareness. Our Diamond aircraft are state of the art and equipped with the latest avionics from Garmin.


  • 17 yrs old to receive license
  • 16 yrs old to solo
  • FAA Medical Exam
  • Speak and understand English


  • Minimum 40 flight hours
  • Complete Online Ground School
  • Pass FAA Written Test
  • Pass Checkride


  • Fly day and night
  • Rent our single-engine airplanes
  • Carry passengers
  • Fly in good (VFR) weather

Complete your Pilot Training with Sawyer Flight Academy

With a Private Pilot License, you can rent almost any single-engine airplane including the plane you learned on. Bring your friends and family along.