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Instrument Rating training Instrument Rating training


Instrument Rating training will make you a more proficient, competent, and confident pilot. It prepares you for extreme circumstances and develops your ability to fly in low visibility weather. With an Instrument Rating you can fly into clouds, haze, fog and other IFR conditions. You also get the safety and peace of mind of constant tracking and communication with Air Traffic Control.

An Instrument Rating may be earned in as little as 45 days through our intensive flight training and online course.

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  • 17+ years old
  • FAA Private Pilot License
  • FAA Medical Certificate
  • Speak and understand English
  • Fly a minimum of 40 IFR hours
  • Fly a minimum of 50 cross-country pilot-in-command hours
  • Pass the FAA written knowledge test
  • Pass the Practical Test - often called "check ride"
  • Fly in known IFR conditions
  • Rent a single-engine airplane
  • Receive priority when landing on an IFR flight plan



In simple, yes and no! It truly depends on what you want to do in the wide world of aviation. The instrument rating allows the pilot to fly in both Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). This means that you can fly in clouds, fog, haze, or anything else that would obscure a pilots vision, also known as instrument meteorological conditions (IMC). If you want to fly while other pilots get grounded then the Instrument Rating is for you! Additionally, an Instrument Rating allows you to use the full capabilities of our National Airspace System.

We estimate the cost to obtain the Instrument Rating at $13,000. This includes the cost for the aircraft, your instructor, and any simulator time used to meet the FAA hour requirements for the Instrument Rating.

Obtaining your Instrument Rating is both challenging, rewarding, and well worth the investment to hone your skills as a pilot. Completing your Instrument Rating opens your aviation world and allows you to fly to more places, with unshaking confidence.

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