Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor

A gateway to honing your skills, mastering your profession, and proving that you possess the knowledge to not only be a skilled aviator but have the tools and training to impart that knowledge to other future pilots. You can share the magic and the feeling of what it is to be a pilot with others. Learn how to safely introduce new pilots to the world of flight. Share the same enthusiasm you have for aviation and ignite the fire in someone else to learn to fly.

Becoming a Flight Instructor will allow you to begin your career in aviation and become an aviation ambassador to others.

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  • Commercial Pilot's License with Instrument Rating
  • 3rd Class FAA Medical Certificate
  • 250 Hours of Flight time
  • Speak and understand English
  • Receive and log ground instruction with an authorized instructor
  • Pass a Knowledge test
  • Pass a Knowledge test on the fundamentals of instructing
  • Pass the Practical Test - often called "check ride"
  • The ability to be paid for providing instruction to pilots seeking a rating or a license.



One of the main reasons a commercial pilot should want to become a CFI is by teaching others how to fly, you become a better pilot yourself. Throughout teaching you will have to develop your aviation knowledge base to be able to teach students. This strengthens your knowledge base to a level that most non-instructors will never achieve making you more attractive to airlines and part 135 operators in the future. The second reason to become a CFI is the high demand for the job allows you to find that coveted first aviation job quicker!

Obtaining your CFI at Sawyer Flight Academy costs approximately $5,500. Most of the training to obtain your CFI is ground work. The only flight time necessary is familiarization with flying from the right seat and confirming that the required maneuvers are within standards!

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