Private Pilot License

Once you receive your Private Pilot License, you can rent most any single engine airplane including the plane you learned on! Bring your friends and family along because you will be able to carry passengers along for the ride. Both day and night fly most anywhere you want, even internationally! If the weather is clear with enough visibility, you are able to fly.


Once you receive your Instrument Rating, you will be able to fly in weather with lower visibility. This means you can fly in known low visibility areas, like on the coast when there is a marine layer and over the mountains when it is cloudy. Additionally, flying in IFR weather with a flight plan will often give you priority to land at busy airports. When the airport knows you are arriving before you even take off, they can plan better for your arrival.

Commercial Pilot

Sawyer Flight Academy offers commercial licensing for single-engine aircraft, multi-engine aircraft and as a combination program. Each specific license is required to fly the respective aircraft. Some students choose to start with the single engine commercial license in our single-engine Diamond DA40 and follow that license up with the multi engine license in Sawyer’s DA42 Twinstar. You could get these licenses in either order with the 2nd license as an add-on.

Multi-Engine Rating

Earn your Multi Engine Rating with Sawyer Flight Academy! Alongside flight time and training, you will have access to the DA42 ground school, which supplies foundation and ground knowledge. The method of using both the ground school and flight training maximizes retention and comprehension. In as little as 3 weeks, pass your checkride and examination to receive your rating. With your rating, you will be able to fly multi-engine propeller aircraft. Test with Sawyer today!


You can earn your Certified Flight Instructor license in about 3-4 months along with the CFII in about 1 month and your MEI rating in around 2 weeks. With a CFI license, you are able to guide students earning their pilot’s license. A CFII allows you to instruct students earning their instrument rating, and an MEI allows you to instruct in a multi-engine aircraft. In addition to your training, you will be required to pass a comprehensive exam. After passing, you will receive your CFI License and have the ability to teach!


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“Highly recommend considering them for flight training and visiting their location.”

After checking out a few flight schools, Sawyer is very reasonably priced, honest about the requirements, and has a great facility and aircraft.



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